There is a wonderful thread on Twitter where one can share some of the troubling things in life, that just possibly are tied to us being spoiled and privileged called #firstworldproblems.  I love to share some of my many struggles on there, and sympathize with others doing the same as  we all trudge long in  this life.  It’s kind of like an online support group!

But at #firstworldKIDproblems there is a similar thread where my kids could share some of their most troubling problems as well—if only they knew how to type.  I imagine they would go something like this…

  1. Mom didn’t believe me when I said “My sister want ice cream” so I don’t have any.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #helpforhungrychildren.
  2. Mom won’t let me watch Power Rangers on her phone and I have to use my tablet. #firstworldKIDproblems #crummytabletresolution.
  3. Mom is making me wear pants today.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #soOCD.
  4. Mom yelled at me for clamping down on her nipple to catch myself with my teeth when I fell off the couch.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #whosenursinghereanyway.
  5. My individual pizza with my favorite toppings was cut wrong and she expected me to eat it anyway.  No way! #firstworldKIDproblems  #Ijustcantdoit.
  6. Mom made me get down from the top perch on the cat tree.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #slowingmyroll.
  7. Mom brushes both of our teeth. every. single. day.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #itsjusttoomuch.
  8. A box came from Amazon Prime and there was no Rescue Bot Action Figure in it.  What? #firstworldKIDproblems  #wherescustomerserviceAmazon.
  9. We have strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and pineapple.  But I want blueberries now.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #IcanteatTHAT.
  10. Going to my Godmom’s house to get spoiled, but I want Grandma to spoil me.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #nobodycareswhatIwant.
  11. The TV show Mom wants me to watch is educational. No robots. #firstworldKIDproblems #boring.
  12. Two kids.  One tablet. You do the math.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #Iwasherefirst  #itsmyturnnow.
  13. My toothbrush isn’t any type of Power Ranger or Rescue Bot. #firstworldKIDproblems #endchildhoodsuffering
  14. Mom won’t let me drink her Diet Coke.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #ifitisntgoodforyouwhydoYOUdrinkit.
  15. Despite the decorations, it isn’t Christmas today.  Decorations, but no presents.  What?  #firstworldKIDproblems  #OhcomeonitsChristmas.
  16. I sang “Happy Birthday” to Mom, and she seemed happy but wouldn’t cough up any cake.  Come on, it’s your birthday!  #firstworldKIDproblems.  #itisnttoday.
  17. The cat won’t give me horseyback rides.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #kidwhatdoyouweighanyway.
  18. Mom still won’t let me drive.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #IcanreachthepedalsifIslidewaydown.
  19. We have to leave the playground when Mom says, NOT when we are ready.  #firstworldKIDproblems. #hecknowewontgo
  20. Mom wants to sing with me and I want to sing solo.  #firstworldKIDproblems  #myturnnowandalways.

And so on and so on goes the list of trials and tribulations my children face on a daily basis.  It’s a wonder, a testament to their resiliency that they even can continue on in life.