There are many disadvantages of being young (like not being able to set your own bedtime), but there are some distinct advantages.  Things that adults just can’t comfortably get away with.  Many of these are things which, once gone, cannot be recovered and still be deemed a socially acceptable person.

For example, when you are young, peeing your pants is encouraged.  No pesky “holding it” searching for a bathroom or having to stop what you are doing to poop or pee.  You can keep doing what you’re doing without stopping to take care of business.

Along those lines, farting loudly is not only okay, it is handled as a big joke. Instead of hidden, and hoped no one heard or smelled, it is celebrated and brought to everyone’s attention, “Look, baby tooted!”  People laugh either way, but when you’re young, it isn’t mocking, uncomfortable laughter.

Over eating is cute!  When was the last time as an adult that someone texted a relative to state in a happy, celebratory way that you ate five bowls of Cheerios?  As an adult, that would be hidden unless you are a Professional NFL Player.

You can sleep whenever and wherever you want.  If you are out and about, someone will carry you to the car or home, and try not to wake you up.  As an adult, sleeping in the wrong place or at the wrong time, can get you kicked out or fired…and if it’s alcohol-related, possibly arrested.

When you are done with your drink or food or toy, it isn’t a huge deal to simply throw it on the floor and walk away; you never have to look back.  As an adult, you are expected to clean up after yourself.

You can decorate your body and your whole world with pretty stickers and wear them proudly, even if they came from the grocery store checkout line and say, “Not Returnable”, just enjoy the pretty hot pink colors.  Even if Mom doesn’t appreciate the beautiful stickering job you did on her end table, relax, you know it’s a beautiful improvement!

You can meet someone and immediately ask them for candy without it being awkward.  It isn’t even socially unacceptable to just go up and take what you want, if there is an open candy bowl anywhere.

You can also go up to a complete stranger, say hello, and proceed to tell them about all the toys you want, while they listen patiently and encourage you.  Doing this as an adult, you will not be met with as generous a response.  You could even be told to shut up or get a job.

I hope my children enjoy this wonderful range of benefits while they are young, because they definitely won’t last forever.