I like to think of myself as moderately handy around our house.  I can fix some minor things, and sometimes I come up with brilliant work arounds.  But sometimes, they turn out to not be so brilliant.

I bought a matched set of my children’s initials to hang on the wall in their room.  Beautiful white, six inch tall wooden initials.  I hung my son’s relatively easily, but became distracted and didn’t get to my daughter’s until the end of the day.  Her first initial went up fairly quickly, but I got stuck on the last two.  They wouldn’t hang relative to his in a straight manner nor would they hang well relative to each other.  I was tired, I needed to scrounge up something for dinner, and I just wanted it done.  So, I came up with a brilliant idea!  I took the last of my peel and stick command strips and layered the backs of them, then firmly pressed them to my walls.  I stepped back and enjoyed the set of matched initials, six mostly evenly spaced letters in two neat groups, symbolizing the two beautiful children who occupy the room.

But, I noticed a few days later, my daughter’s middle initial was missing, and the next day her last initial was also missing.  I looked around and saw them on the floor; her middle initial broken in two pieces and her last name initial under their rocking chair.  I attempted to pick them up, and found out the command strip was now working and the downed letters were stuck firmly to the floor.

I tried to pick up the letter after gently prying at it with my fingernails.  No go.  I tried pulling more firmly.  No go.  I tried twisting it.  No go.  I didn’t want to pull too hard because I didn’t know whether the letter, the command strip, or the fake wood pattern on the five year old wood-looking laminate flooring was stronger.

Next attempt included a handy friend and a putty knife.  I figured it would take a minute or two.  Slide the putty knife under it, and it should come up.  (This is the same mind whose logic got us here).  Ten minutes later, the three pieces are off the kids’ flooring, but most of the command strips weren’t.

Fifteen minutes later, he had cleared all the command strips off the floor, and I was still trying to get enough of them off the back of the letters to try hanging them again (nails, this time). 

I have glued the broken one back together.  I debated rehanging it, and hoping the black line where it broke isn’t too disruptive or spending about twenty dollars for letter and shipping and handling ordering one online from the store that initially sold it to me for three dollars.

Where was the adult supervision I clearly needed?