Is my life really so different since having my children?

In college, I would get up about two hours before I needed to leave the house. I would shower, because starting a day without taking a fresh shower was just nasty. I would shave, and not just to the knees, a full on “going-to-the gynecologist”. I would towel dry, apply mouse, and partially dry my hair. I would apply lotion all over, so my skin would hydrate in the dry climate I was living in. I would put on my make-up base, and allow it to set. I would dry my hair a bit further, then apply blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and set it with a dusting of powder. I would finish my hair styling with a hot iron, curling brush, or crimper, depending on the style I was going for that day. I would then use some hair spray, to ensure my style would last for the day.

I would go to my closet, and if I hadn’t already thought of a theme for the day, I would pull out a number of different outfits to try on. I would match something to my hair style, or to what classes I had, and if I had a date for lunch or coffee that day. I had two closets full of stylish clothes, and stayed up on all the current trends. It might take five or six different attempts before I found “the one” that fit my vibe for that day.  I would then coordinate a lip color to accentuate.

Then I would go to my shoes. Some outfits had shoes I usually wore with them, but that didn’t mean I would always stick with them. My black pumps were a favorite, but I had shoes or boots for every occasion, and they all were worn.

Then, I would go to my jewelry box and determine if I needed earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or rings. Some days all, some days just one or two. I tried not to always accessorize my outfits exactly the same every single time.

Two hours (or so) later, I was looking fabulous and ready to meet my day.

In motherhood, I get up about two hours before I need to leave the house. I give medicine to our elderly cat, and I let our dogs out to pee. I breastfeed my daughter, and try to get my kids to eat something solid and healthy (something solid). I clean up their faces, if they did eat.

I brush my teeth and hair. I pull my hair into a pony tail, or spray it as is if it looks ok–try to remember to, anyway. I wash under my arms and apply fresh deodorant. I find a clean(ish) pair of yoga pants, and try to find a clean t-shirt that doesn’t clash too badly. I then apply some Chapstick.

I change my daughter’s diaper and try to check that my son hasn’t put his outer clothing on backwards again. I check that both his shoes are from the same pair, and on the correct feet. I brush both their teeth and hair.

I chose between my tennis shoes and my black flip flops (which have stylish wedge-type heels).

Two hours (or so) later, I am ready to face the day.  So similar…same lead time…