This time of year can be fraught with so many emotions, joy, sadness, hope, grief, love, and spiritual blessings and drama.  Some people find so much joy…and some people are left behind.  I have had so many different emotions for the holidays over the years.  

I remember the excitement of Christmas I felt as a child, and the loneliness I often felt before I became a Mom.  I had years after growing up as the fifth wheel at other family’s  gatherings and years alone and years with other single friends celebrating an “anti-Christmas”. 

Motherhood changed Christmas for me as well.  Now, I bounce around between my children’s excitement and my reformed curmudgeon status.

I want to wish everyone a peaceful, joyful day, wherever they are.   Whether with family or friends…or alone or at work, remember that this, too, shall pass.  Please keep in mind that things are heightened right now, and if you are sad or feeling despair, there is always another day to make a new start.

The expectations that we set for ourselves and others can lead us to frustrations and disappointments.

If the day is hard, if family isn’t getting along, if you have no family; just do your best to get through it.  Do what you need to, within reason, and muddle your way through.  It will be okay. 

Take a walk outside if you can or watch a funny movie. 

Start a new tradition that makes your heart smile!  Our family is still finding ours, and you can, too!

What are the holidays like for you?  What traditions bring you peace or joy?