I have a thing against Resolutions. 

Not exactly a grudge, but more of a dislike.  I understand the desire to change things and improve.  Makes perfect sense.  I have many areas I would like to change things and improve myself.  I am planning on doing a budget and being responsible with my money, very soon.  I want to find some clothes to wear besides my work clothes on work days and yoga pants and t-shirts on my days off.  I want to step up my game and occasionally wear makeup again.  I am going to try to finally figure out how to put on fake eyelashes without making myself laugh at the results.  I want to declutter so I can get in my car AND walk around my garage.  I want to cook more meals for my family and go through the drive up window for dinner far less than I have been.

Lofty goals, all of them.  But I have not declared a single one of them to be a resolution.  And, I am not going to.

Why? (I hope) you ask.

“There is no try. Only do.” 


I see resolutions not as bad things in and of themselves.  I just see a ton of good intentions and not much sticking with it.  I tended to make a long list of resolutions each year, which, if fulfilled, would pretty much render me perfect, or at least very together.

I would then half-heartedly work on some of them for a very little while, before the idea of them went out of existence in my mind.  By February I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what most of them were.  I did this year after year.  It not only didn’t produce results, but it gave me a free pass from November until December 31st to slack off and not work on anything.

My goals in 2018 are to work on a bunch of areas as I can, but not to declare anything as a resolution.  I tried to work on those areas all throughout November and December and I will keep trying to work on them.

But aren’t my “goals” basically the same thing as resolutions?

I don’t think so.  In my mind, a goal is something to strive for. But a resolution feels like something I have “resolved to”, and have to, do.  And who wants to do what you “have to”?  Why not do what you want to?

What are your goals for 2018 and beyond?