My son likes to hit things with sticks.  My son likes to play video games on his tablet and “kill” bad guys.  My son likes to wear super hero costumes and run around with his friends.  My son likes to go to the park.  My son likes to eat lasagna and ice cream and pizza with only cheese on it.

My son, however, does NOT like to learn anything and is content to look at signs, and make up what he wants them to say, and “read” them to me.

It seemed we were on track at age two, when he learned the alphabet song and sang it over and over and watched Sesame Street.  (Even though when he sang, he said “x” twice and omitted “s”).

But cut forward three years…his two year old sister, a Super Why super fan, knows about two-thirds of her letters, and her brother at five, knows about three.  We were fortunate enough to get him accepted into a top notch school, and he will be evaluated in three months before kindergarten in August.

But, he doesn’t know his letters, and he doesn’t care.  I have tried so many things.  Rubber letter quizzes in the bathtub, where he shrugs his shoulders and says he does not know and his sister behind him will quietly and correctly say, “Q” . 

He refuses to watch Super Why or Sesame Street now.

A month ago, he fixated on a Nerf gun with a ton of accessories at Costco.  It was a bit expensive, but I bought it and told him he could have it when he learned his alphabet.  That darn gun has sat in its box in the living room ever since.  He has tried to trick me into giving it to me, his sister, my friend, and his Grandmother.  I made a Rewards Chart that showed making effort would get him his Nerf gun.

I have tried working with him by my putting the bath letters in order on  a table and singing the song and pointing to them, then working on which one is which.  He sang as fast as he could and laughed.  I made a set of flashcards with the alphabet to go with the bath letters, and asked him to match it to the corresponding card in the bath set.  He played it whole-heartedly two times, did well, and then decided before he could play, he had to stack all the bath letters in piles by colors, and refused to try to identify any.  I downloaded The Letter Factory from Leap Frog. 

I have had had it.

He has lost tablet and television privileges until he learns his alphabet.  And his Nerf gun is going back to Costco.  I am not playing anymore.  Because I won’t fight battles at this level with him for the next thirteen years over homework. 

Wish me luck…