“Jannica Merrit is a fabulous writer! I read her blog every time I can figure out my computer!” –Jannica Merrit’s Mother

“Jannica Merrit should be read by everyone who knows how to read!”  –Jannica Merrit’s Best Friend

“Jannica Merrit passed my class with an A-!”  –Jannica Merrit’s Junior High School English Teacher

“Mommy–um, Jannica Merrit–said I could have ice cream for dinner if I said she is the best Mom ever!” –Jannica Merrit’s 5 year old son

“No! I am… (sic) boss of you!” –Jannica Merritt’s toddler

“Jannica Merrit is my slave!” –Jannica Merritt’s cat, Roscoe

“Jannica Merrit feeds me every day!”  –Jannica Merrit’s Dog, Jake